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Gaella Materne is a North Carolina local artist that is currently working on a series about connectivity and the tension/relation between humankind and nature; the power to change rests in our choices and directly affects our environment and those that live in it as well.

Gaella focuses a large amount of time on teaching workshops and private lessons ranging from serious fine art to emotional release painting. Gaella fell in love with art when she discovered that she could express her emotions in a positive way. As an adult she likes to include the lessons in her life to help those who might feel blocked, unheard, or stagnant to find the same kind of love and release in art as she did. Her depth and understanding of art and color allows her to help those who struggle with confidence and blockages in their daily life. Art is meant to be enjoyed in many different ways and forms whether it is in an aesthetic or a healing way where people can find expression and mental release through colors and difference applications.

Gaella Materne as a fine artist also offers pet and wildlife commissions where she strives to express emotion and personality in the eyes of her subjects. Gaella has an uncanny ability to truly capture the essence of her subjects across a multitude of mediums ranging from pencil to oils. She refined her skills through Maine College of Art leaving with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in Illustration.

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The spirit is in the eye of the beholder.

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Jeff Weigle reviewed Timeless Visions LLC —
May 8

The portrait of our dog was amazing! Gaella has real talent. The finished product was mailed to us shortly after payment, no hiccups. Great communication throughout the process. She takes the time to make sure you get exactly what you want, no pressure. Very satisfied!

Mélodie Cros reviewed Timeless Visions LLC —
February 9

She does amazing work and not only is it stunning beautiful work but she captures the soul and character of the pet. She truly has talent and I am amazed at each and every piece she does!