Services and Policies


  • Wildlife Prints
  • Custom Pet or Animal Portraits
  • Private lessons in the Raleigh area for $50/hr.



Private lessons are non-refundable. If there is a need to cancel, please do so within 24 hrs. of the lesson and there will be a future date set instead.


Any custom portrait done by TIMELESS VISIONS LLC. will not be refunded once shipped. This being said, TIMELESS VISIONS LLC. will inform the client (you) as to the progress of the portrait and will provide a digital file of their portrait to be reviewed by said client for approval before shipment. If for whatever reason the client is not happy with the portrait, they will be permitted up to two minor changes if possible depending on the medium of choice. If that client still does not approve of the outcome then they will be reimbursed 50% of the cost the remaining will be absorbed by material costs and labor by the artist, Gaella Materne. I hope this is never the case as I take great pride and care into making sure each portrait is done to the best of my ability.