The Red Elephant

Clay Elephant


We all love elephants; why do you love elephants? Is it for their size? Their iconic image? The memories of them created as a child during a night out at the circus? There are millions of reasons why we like these wise giants. Have you ever thought about how truly amazing these Elephants are in their natural biodiverse environment?

Elephants are essential in their environment and play a crucial role in maintaining it. For example elephants play a role in the dispersing of tree seeds across the lands. They also create water holes with their tusks for themselves but also for the use of other animals afterward that might find it hard to seek water in such a dry land.

I draw inspiration from this fascinating occurrence in this species and in others. All non-commissioned-based animal paintings are created from personal photographic references to insure that I capture the beauty in the moment that I see it.

This painting will be a representation done on a pre-stretched 36″x36″ premium canvas.  I want to depict the power behind an elephant in a unique way that shows character. Stay tuned to see upcoming photographs of the painting and videos that I will posted in the coming weeks!

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